WVNY 22 Fox 44 Interview and Ballot items 3 to 8

Thanks to WVNY 22 and Fox 44 for the interview this morning, it was a great experience, and always glad to chat with fellow Blackhawks fans, like Mike.


After the WVNY 22 and Fox 44 interview,  I made a morning stop at the Dunkin Donuts on Pearl Street,  hoping to meet with fellow Burlington voters. Sat down and recorded  my responses to the proposed ballot questions 3 to 8.

Here is a transcript of Loyal’s answers:

  • Ballot item 3: Use of Burlington credit for public improvements in downtown

My answer to that is no. I do not want to mortgage our future, I believe we already have the funds available currently in city hall.

  • Ballot item 4: Charter Change concerning reserve funds

I would vote no on that, as I believe the department heads should work within their budget, and the creation of a slush fund is unnecessary.

  • Ballot item 5: Allow non citizens of Burlington to serve on city board or department heads

Yes. I believe the mayor should hire the best qualified person.

  • Ballot item 6: Allow non US Citizens right to vote

Yes. As a taxpayers, they should have a right to vote.

  • Ballot item 7: Charter change to make board terms for 3 years

Yes, I do agree with that. I am currently serving on the housing board, and serving a five year term which I believe may be a hindrance to other citizens.

  • Ballot item 8: remove political affiliation for certain boards

I do not support that. If this is removed, a board may become dominated by a single party.

If there’s a question you have for me, you can reach me at:

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