Thank You Everyone

Burlington Vermont Libertarian Mayor Candidate Loyal Ploof with his dogI met many wonderful people throughout the campaign. Some who thanked me for bringing real issues to the debate, and some others who said I was a breath of fresh air. I want to thank those people who I talked to and voted for me. Unfortunately our momentum came a little too late in the race.

I knew going into this race that it would not be easy. I was up against a well funded incumbent. but I believed that it is important to have a Libertarian candidate in the race. There was a lot of positives of the campaign, including new volunteers.

I want to thank the many volunteers including Heavenly and Jeremy Ryan, Jakob Mcelwain, Roy Collette, Sean Selby, and Oliver Scotch who put in many hours of dedicated hard work. Also thanks to the other volunteers, all of your dedications were very important to this campaign. I also want to thank the Vermont Libertarian Party for their generous donation. without it, our message would not have reached so many Burlington voters.

I also want to thank the media for covering our campaign. Channel 3 and reporter Alex Apple, Channel 5 and reporters Robyn Estabrook and Rachel Karcz, Channel 22/44 and reporters Kristen Tripodi and Mike Curkov, Joel Baird at the Burlington Free Press, and thanks to Miro, Steve, and Greg for running good campaigns.

Thank you also the owner and staff of Junior’s pizza downtown for the pizza and hospitality for our campaign on election night.

As I take the time to figure out the future, I believe that no matter what we need to keep the momentum up.

Thank you everyone.

Loyal Ploof
2015 Burlington Vermont Libertarian Mayoral Candidate

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