As a Libertarian, I bring an independent voice to the debate at city hall. As your mayor, my work will be issue-oriented,  by cutting spending and lowering taxes.

Watch Channel 17’s coverage of Loyal’s nomination by the Burlington Libertarian Party:

Here is a transcript of Loyal’s statement to Channel 17:


Our taxes are too high, I want to make Burlington a more affordable for everyone, and will work to lower taxes by at least 1% in my first term.

Shrinking the size of our government down is one of the first things I want to do: Removing the smoking ban, trespass ordinance, and the unconstitutional gun ban.

Another idea I have is to give city councilors the summers off. When council resumes in September, all of the committees meet at first council meeting with their plans for the session, so everyone can know what the issues are, and be focused.

I would also like to work with the police department on addressing mental health issues, and facilitate their communication with social services to prevent any future problems.

Another problem is the marketplace is not representing all residents of Burlington. Church Street for everyone, and encourage businesses that reach all income levels that everyone can afford. The marketplace businesses currently cater to the tourists, and others, but not the local Burlington residents.

Over the years, I’ve worked across party lines on different issues, such as fluoride, demolition of Moran, and I’ve also been elected as a school board member. I don’t see a problem with party lines, and will get things done, as I believe things will work out.

Burlington is for all residents, and since Miro has been in office, it seems like there has been division in the city. I want to work together to make this an affordable place, and also respect people’s rights.

We’re kicking people off public streets and kicking them off the street just for lighting a cigarette. When Miro took office he raised taxes and expanded the Burlington government.

If you drive around Burlington, you will see for sale signs at every turn because Burlington is so expensive to live in.
I will work to make Burlington affordable for people to stay, watch their kids grow up, and be able to find jobs.


…it’s more important than ever to have a Libertarian voice at city hall. With your support in March I will be that voice. I ask for your vote.

Thank you,


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